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Digiafropreneur is an online platform that aims to find practical solutions to the challenges being faced by creatives in digital thimbo - the age of digital access.

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Our Mission

To empower you with the skills you need to seize the opportunities available in the digital age.

About us

Digiafropreneur is the umberlla body under which Digiafro, Amadigiafropreneur and Digiafrolancer lay. Digiafro is for online entrepreneurship, Amadigiafropreneur is for critical theory discussions and digiafrolancer is for online freelancing. Digiafropreneur was founded by Bennardo Santos in 2016 with the aim of providing an online platform to educate and spread awareness on the different online opportunities available in the Digital realm through the Zeitgeist of having freedom to create online courses, work remotely and offer expert services through online platforms.

Digiafropreneur is one of the digital divisions of Santos Dynasty Academy the leading African online platform that provides courses and tutorials on business, creative, personal, software and professional skills to enable you to escape extreme poverty or improve your living standard.

Who is Digiafropreneur for

Digiafropreneur is for young creatives mainly between the age of 16-35 who think and feel they have been left behind. This could be in life, in school and in society. Sometimes you just feel that you are not really where you should be. Sometimes is not your fault, as life happens.

Nonetheless, we live in a digital world filled with numerous opportunities to make money. Digiafro under the theme Zeitgeist aims to provide opportunities for you to improve your life, by providing effective and meaningful courses.



Digiafropreneur is committed to being a life improving-led online platform, where the focus is learner transforamation.


Our objective is to provide up-to-date, industry-appropriate and quality course materials.


Available on Mondays and Wednesdays for one on one support during your tution months.


Through interaction platforms and one on one session. You can ask any question, regarding you school work and we will do the best to provide the most effective answer.