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Do you hear of people making money online and you do not know where to begin? Do you feel that you are not tech sassy enough to get started? Do you want to create passive income? Do you want to make money even when you are asleep? The Digiafro Online Entrepreneur provides the mental focus to get you started, succeed and maintain your success. For tech sassyness join digiafrotech, for all levels.

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UNIT 1 Defining Online Entrepreneurship
Different opporunties available
Why should you start an online business now
UNIT 2 Figuring out Yourself
Why do you want to be an online entrepreneur
Reasons for being an online entrepreneur
UNIT 3 Defining your Target Audience
How to conduct an effective research

UNIT 4 Setting up your Online Business
Crafting a brand strategy
Setting up your Social Media Platform profiles
Creating a course
Unit 5 Maintaining your Online Business
Crafting your terms and conditions
Setting goals
Building a relationship with clients
Imaginary Partner

Videos and Tutorials

Digiafro provides video tutorials in two capacities. The first free online videos on the Digiafro Youtube Channel. And the paid version which are course specific on the Teachable Platform

Once video tutorial are available they appear here.


Digiafro believes in practical work. Therefore for each course expect to have worksheets.

Chapter 5 has more than 20 work sheets. Download the free worksheet to give you an idea of what the paid course will provide.

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When you are doing business on your own even online, potential clients or current clients (PCC) will want to take advantage of you. Sometimes they will request for unnecessary major changes. Sometimes by yourself it’s hard to say no. Either because you feel emotional (which should not be the case); tired or simply don’t feel like doing it. Whatever your reasons might be, I have a solution for that...

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